Great TED Talk Resource

Those who know me, or know of me from this blog, understand that I am a huge TED fan and devotee. TED is fundamental part of my personal learning plan. I watch a talk a day. Each time I am inspired and made even more curious.

Well, thanks to a history teacher…then, Steve Anderson…then, Peyten Dobbs, I was made aware of a nice resource for searching TED talks. Also, I loved the history teacher’s intro explanation to the resource. It seemed to bother him/her to list the talks by discipline, when so many talks are cross-disciplinary and integrated. Most things are in real life!

I just wanted to pass along the resource (with a bit of brief commentary). Happy browsing and searching.

Steven W. Anderson (@web20classroom)
6/7/11 10:12 AM
TED Demystified For Teachers:

Happy Pi Day – Math, Music, and NPR

This morning, on my way to my sabbatical internship at Unboundary, I heard this story on NPR.

I was saddened, a bit, when the interviewee uttered the phrase, “I am a music person, not a math person.” How did he come to compartmentalize himself this way? Why doesn’t he see himself as both? Aren’t they two branches of the same tree? My pursuit of understanding integrated studies will hopefully shed more light on this way of thinking about oneself and one’s learning.

Here is the YouTube about “What Pi Sounds Like.”