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Book Favorites

These are six (+two) of the books that have most influenced my educational philosophy and daily practice. Each provides a link to For a more complete list of my professional-book reading, see below for a link to my goodreads bookshelves.

(Switch by the Heath brothers and Blessings of a Skinned Knee by Wendy Mogul should probably be on this short list, too.)

Bo on goodreads
Bo’s bookshelf: read (5 most recent)


TED & TEDx Video Favorites

Watching a TED talk everyday is a part of my personal learning plan. While I watch talks from all categories, I highly recommend the talks collected under the theme of “How We Learn.”

Featured video

Recently, GOOD published an almost-13-minute video about “future learning.” I think it’s one of the best mind stretchers out there right now.

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