learning & leading profiles

In my work as an educational leader, and even more so as an exploratory and reflective learner, I have engaged in a number of learning-profile indicators and leading-profile constructs. Below I share a few of these windows into my learning and leading styles.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI): INTJ
(explanation of MBTI by The Myers & Briggs Foundation)

Gallup Strengths Finder Signature Themes:
(explanation of Gallup Strengths – home page)

(link to full report of my Strengths Finder signature themes)

StandOut 2.0 from Marcus Buckingham:
(TMBC – home page; Forbes article about StandOut and Marcus Buckingham)

  • Creator
  • Stimulator

(link to full report of my StandOut primary and secondary roles)

Hermann Brain Dominance Indicator (HBDI):
(Hermann Solutions – home page)

  • Quadrant A (Blue) – Profile Score: 80, Profile Code: 1
  • Quadrant B (Green) – Profile Score: 71, Profile Code: 1
  • Quadrant C (Red) – Profile Score: 53, Profile Code: 2
  • Quadrant D (Yellow)* – Profile Score: 87, Profile Code: 1
    • shift to more pronounced A (Blue) and B (Green) under stress

(link to expanded report of my Hermann Brain Dominance Profiles)

Moore Leadership Striver Quotient Attribute Profile:
(Moore Leadership – home page)

Strongest Performance Attributes:

  • Creative Problem Solving (self)
  • Curiosity (self)
  • Support (team)
  • Empathy (team)
  • Assertiveness (boss)
  • Communication (boss)
  • Dealing with Change (direct reports)
  • Receptiveness (direct reports)

(link to expanded report of my Striver Quotient Attribute Profile)

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