Great TED Talk Resource

Those who know me, or know of me from this blog, understand that I am a huge TED fan and devotee. TED is fundamental part of my personal learning plan. I watch a talk a day. Each time I am inspired and made even more curious.

Well, thanks to a history teacher…then, Steve Anderson…then, Peyten Dobbs, I was made aware of a nice resource for searching TED talks. Also, I loved the history teacher’s intro explanation to the resource. It seemed to bother him/her to list the talks by discipline, when so many talks are cross-disciplinary and integrated. Most things are in real life!

I just wanted to pass along the resource (with a bit of brief commentary). Happy browsing and searching.

Steven W. Anderson (@web20classroom)
6/7/11 10:12 AM
TED Demystified For Teachers:

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