Discovery or coverage? Where do you trend?

From “The Object of Their Attention,” Shari Tishman, Educational Leadership, February 2008 | Volume 65 | Number 5
Teaching Students to Think, pages 44-46

Many learning theorists believe that learning happens best when people construct new knowledge by actively building on their own ideas and impressions. This constructivist view contrasts with the view that learning is simply a matter of absorbing information.

Where does your leadership and teaching trend? Toward making room for observational construction of understanding, or toward delivering information to be absorbed?

Discovery or coverage?

Schools: Would you score 50% on critical thinking allowance?

As a school, if you declare that you teach “critical thinking,” if you claim to develop this one of the 7 C’s of 21st C learning, then how much time and attention do you devote to divergent thinking? How much space and freedom do you allow for this 50% of meta-cognition? For faculty? For parents? For students? For administration?

Measuring Creativity: We Have the Technology

Or would you likely get a “50” on your report card for creative critical thinking allowance?


Above and Beyond – Partnership for 21st C Skills and Peter Reynolds


In an increasingly complex, demanding and competitive 21st century, students need to learn more than the 3R’s they are tested on in school. It’s time to help them go “above & beyond”, by embracing the 4Cs –communicationcollaborationcritical thinking and creativity.

To get the word out to about the “3Rs + 4Cs” approach, P21 and FableVision partnered to produce a short, animated film called Above & Beyond. Enjoy & share, so we can help ALL our students flourish in the 21st century.