Discovery or coverage? Where do you trend?

From “The Object of Their Attention,” Shari Tishman, Educational Leadership, February 2008 | Volume 65 | Number 5
Teaching Students to Think, pages 44-46

Many learning theorists believe that learning happens best when people construct new knowledge by actively building on their own ideas and impressions. This constructivist view contrasts with the view that learning is simply a matter of absorbing information.

Where does your leadership and teaching trend? Toward making room for observational construction of understanding, or toward delivering information to be absorbed?

Discovery or coverage?

4 thoughts on “Discovery or coverage? Where do you trend?

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  3. … love this, Bo! Thanks for summing up – with a driving question and relevant research – one of the important ways that our teaching practice is evolving.

    Nurturing and encouraging learning communities to embrace shift from coverage to discovery is such an important leadership challenge, and it’s a pleasure to engage and connect as you show the way forward!

    (Note from favorite Physics teacher: “to cover” means “to hide from view” – as in cover a pot of boiling water… what message do our colleagues send when they argue for “coverage”??)

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