Murmurations on Schools of the Future #WhatIfWeekly

Openness. Schools that embrace it and welcome it will thrive. Schools that resist it or imagine that they can control it will struggle significantly.

In sequel to yesterday’s post, I offer this #MustWatch TED Talk by Don Tapscott. Brilliant! In 17 minutes, Tapscott summarizes the essential path points to thriving as a school of the future:

  1. Collaboration
  2. Transparency
  3. Sharing
  4. Empowerment

From the admin to the teachers, from the students to the parents…from the interior to the exterior, from the past to the future – the four principles above will define the schools of the future and the future of schools.

If you are serious about enhancing and improving education and school, watch Don Tapscott’s TED. Be a part of, not apart from, the murmuration.

Process and Transparency – Penn Charter Has Taught Me A Lot

I have never stepped foot on the campus of William Penn Charter School. However, I recently learned a lot from this educational community. An administrative colleague recently sent me a video about Penn Charter’s strategic planning process. The video is available on Penn Charter’s web page, after clicking on “Quicklinks” and “News & Media Gallery.” The video is also embedded below.

When process is the single most significant factor in positive product/outcome, I appreciate having transparent access to such an inclusive and community-building process. I know that having a glance through this window will enable me to grow and learn in the way that I use process and transparency. Thanks Penn Charter for teaching me today…from afar.