CHANGEd: What if clean up and campus care were curricular? 60-60-60 #9

Stewardship of resources, responsibility, empathy, work ethic. These characteristics are important, and I hear educators rightfully name them as essential skills. Why don’t we schools incorporate daily custodianship and campus care into our routines? I am sure some schools do, but many do not. Hour a day? Rotating chores for admin, students, faculty? Brooms, mops, hedge trimmers as another 1:1 idea?

CHANGEd: What if…60-60-60 Project Explained

What’s Your Brand? 4 R’s, Gold, Growth & a Herd

Today is OPENING DAY for The Westminster Schools Junior High School! Today we welcome the 561 students in grades six, seven, and eight! Today we begin another school-year journey together! Blessings to all for a tremendous 2011-12!

In the Junior High at Westminster, we begin Opening Day with a brief devotional assembly. Traditionally, the principal of the Junior High gives this devotional. It is a moment that I look forward to and cherish. This year, I am using the idea of “brand management” to detail a bit of wisdom about being our best selves…and helping others to be their best selves. For those that want a peek at the content of the message, you can access my slide deck two ways:

  1. If you are a Keynote user, you can download my slide deck at this public Dropbox folder: 
  2. Also, I converted my Keynote to PowerPoint and uploaded the slide deck to Scribd. You can see it below, but the links and videos may not be live and active.

Here’s to a superb Opening Day, Junior High!