When learning is open and connected…thanks Homaro Cantu

I imagine I am a middle schooler – maybe around age 13. I just watched a TED talk because my teacher has guided me to an interest in the plethora of “teachers” on TED. I write a blog post on the TED talk because I write for an authentic audience now, not only for my teacher’s eyes. My blog posts automatically tweet. The author of the TED talk sees the tweet and responds. He sends me this link in his @reply:


I become more interested in molecular gastronomy because my learning has been open and connected. I become more interested in sustainability because of my online teacher’s example of edible menus. I learn to help feed the world with an increased interest in health and an added flair for design. I am forging myself into a pattern of lifelong learning. I am thankful my school allows such open and connected learning. It seems scary to do this without such guidance and leadership…my parents don’t really understand this way of learning.

[Many thanks to Homaro Cantu for replying to this 41-year-old, lifelong learner’s pre-post thinking and automatically tweeted blog post on Dec. 16! What a thrill and path of learning! May I help make it so for others.]