Tear Down Walls and Grow an Open Garden

When we wisely tear down the walls that we can intentionally and unintentionally erect to surround our thinking and understanding, then we can grow our neural and cardio networks in ways that nourish our heads and our hearts. Axons, dendrites, and heartstrings flourish. When we make our mental garden wall-less, we can do amazing things with others…like construct a network of gardens that grow miraculously behind walls all over a city and a world.

What are we reaping and sowing today with our decisions? What walls are we tearing down? What open gardens are we growing? How might we spread our roots and our shoots?

Plant a seed. Provide water and open up to let the light in. Help grow those seeds planted by others. And let others in to fertilize the seeds that you are planting.

It’s about learning…it’s about growth!

@L_Hilt Encourages Tech Savy School Admin

I have never met Lyn Hilt in person. We only know each other through blogging and Twitter. In the past half year, though, she has greatly influenced my thinking and professional practice. So have the authors and books she mentions in this superb post.


For at least the past seven years (I have just completed my eighth year as a principal), I have tried to live by the philosophy and practice that @L_Hilt articulates and advocates in this most recent post. I have so much more to learn still, and I make a number of mistakes and fall short of that vision. Yet, I do have a lot of bright spots, too, relative to that vision. And I will keep striving to be the best instructional leader that I can be – partnering for learning!

Many thanks to all my partners – those I’ve met, as well as those I have yet to meet. So many great people to learn from and to learn with…if we will only be open, curious, reflective, and persistent. After all…It’s about learning.