Creating time and space to scale innovative practice #EdChat Radio @TomWhitby @BlairTeach @AngelaMaiers

Regular readers here know that I listen to a small library of curated podcasts as I walk my dog Lucy in the early morning. It’s part of my personal learning plan.

Many of you may be way ahead of me on this recommended listen, but I recently added Tom Whitby (@TomWhitby) and Nancy Blair’s (@BlairTeach) #EdChat Radio podcast to my queue. In 10-12 minutes Tom and Nancy recap the recent topic of discussion from that week’s #EdChat, and they include a visitor or interviewee to add additional perspective and commentary.

For me, it’s quickly become a #MustListen. The sessions are concise catalysts for critical topics in education and learning. Check it out.

This week’s slot with Angela Maiers (@angelamaiers) about “20% time” and “Genius Hour” is a fantastic thought provoker about cultivating learner curiosity and creating intentional space and time for scaling innovative practices.