2.0 Example: @SteveG_TLC, Google Earth, Global Citizenship

[An email from friend and educational innovator Steve Goldberg, reprinted here with permission.]

Greetings supporters of TLC.

Students at our first-ever summer camp for “Global Citizenship” culminated their week of camp by making short videos that bring a news event to life using Google Earth.

Please check out their videos this weekend at http://www.tlcmiddle.com/pt-programs/student-videos-online/

These are particularly impressive videos given that we met only three hours a day for a total of five days.

In that time, students learned not only how to use Google Earth in a more sophisticated way, but also learned to use screencast-o-matic, a free online program they had never heard of before.

Have a great weekend!




Steve Goldberg, Founder

Triangle Learning Community (TLC) Middle School

Opening Fall 2013: tlcmiddle.com

1014 Watts Street, Durham, NC  27701

My blog, titled “What I Learned Today” — http://wiltoday.wordpress.com,models the sort of active engagement we’re aiming for among TLC students

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