#MustRead Shares (weekly)

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1 thought on “#MustRead Shares (weekly)

  1. Thank you, Bo, for bringing this commentary on writing with others to my attention.
    I share your humble opinion; it is a beautiful piece both in the author’s analysis of how collaboration has brought the “reader” into his immediate writing presence and helped him understand how others hear his writing voice and in its metaphorical suggestions for teaching. I learn the most from my peers – why I’m returning to the classroom more than any other reason – and find such interaction so fulfilling both for me and my students. I hope there’s some way to hurdle that “cost effective” barrier.

    Another interesting point to consider is the possibility that collaboration sometimes takes place without us knowing, that there are hidden ways to collaborate. The author in his commentary writes, “Margaret Atwood, has said, ‘Perhaps I write for no one. Perhaps for the same person children are writing for, when they scrawl their names in the snow.’” But that wasn’t a direct quote by Margaret Atwood. Those words are written by a writer – a character in her book Blind Assassin. In many ways, Atwood was collaborating with a fictional writer of her own creation, another deep layer of synergy.

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