The Wise Routes Project Blog

If you are anything akin to a regular reader here at It’s About Learning, you probably know that I am fascinated by the various, creative approaches to “schooling” and education. Because we are in more of a “learn anything, anywhere, anytime” developing culture, school will likely adjust to these cultural shifts, or school as we know it may become increasingly irrelevant. On a regular basis, I attempt to stay current with research and experiments and practices related to this school-transformation in which we are involved. Blended learning, DIY University, and unschooling are just a few of the emerging educational practices complementing, supplementing, and recreating “traditional,” industrial-era schools.

Recently, a parent sent me a link to a blog entitled The Wise Routes Project Blog, and specifically to a post entitled “Ride Somewhere Far.” Many thanks to the parent…my interest is peaked, and I thought some of you might like to join in the investigation. Enjoy. It’s about learning.

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