Sharing Curiosity Paths and Resources – #Design, #Engagement, #PBL

I don’t have a lot of time to write this morning, but I do have some time. So, it occurred to me to use my time to share a bit. This week, I benefited greatly from various colleagues sharing their “curiosity paths” and resources with me. My colleagues know that I am interested deeply in design thinking, learner engagement, and project-based learning. Among many shares this week, I highlight three below by embedding three videos and the links to the sites that contain these videos and additional resources about design, engagement, and PBL. In my mind’s eye, I see these three strands as a braided whole – I see them synergisticly. I am not sure that design thinking, learner engagement, and project-based learning could ever be un-braided into silo-ed parts. They are intricately connected parts of an entire system. Enjoy. It’s about learning.

1 thought on “Sharing Curiosity Paths and Resources – #Design, #Engagement, #PBL

  1. I agree that they are three parts of a connected whole. In most ways, maybe everyday, PBL and learner engagement go completely hand-in-hand. I tend to not think about design thinking in the same breath as PBL or learner engagement, but I think it is my issue mostly. When I reflect on good PBL, it is all about design thinking. The evolution of the thought process that students use. The role of the teacher in the process. The way the process moves to an outcome. Design-thinking is one of the drivers.

    Thanks for opening up a window into this connection.


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