Common Reading for JH Faculty

Dear Junior High:
Attached are two documents that we will all read together as a JH faculty.
1. The NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools)…A Guide to Becoming a School of the Future. [34 pages + great appendices]
2. The SAIS-SACS self-study “21st C Student Learning and Life – Where Are We Going?” section (abridged). [3 pages]
In the near future, we will also have a fabulous one-page version of our vision statement.
Please read both of these documents by April 11. I would encourage all of us to read them both twice before April 11 – perhaps once between now and the ides of March, as well as a re-read between the middle of March and April 11.
Of particular note, in the NAIS document, on page 25, I am inspired by the “eight commonalities [that] exist among the schools that are successfully delivering a 21st century education.” As I have read and re-read them, I think of our JH…I think of you…I think of us. Our story could be amongst these pages thanks to the commitment to learning coursing through this Junior High. While we are walking a path together, we are not at the start of the path; we are well on our way. We are building on countless campfire stories about our learning journey. For that, the credit goes to you.

NAIS COA: A Guide to Becoming a School of the Future

21st C SAIS-SACS – Westminster Vision (Short)

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