How’s Your Work-Home Balance?

How’s your work-home balance? Personally, I need to improve the scales of my own life. “Trouble” is – I love my work, and much of my work feels like family. But I love my actual family even more.

This 3six5 post really helped my perspective about the work-home balance:

Additionally, I viewed this TED talk last night, just before I fell asleep. It’s a great reminder about the balance we need in our lives.

And, finally, I am encouraged by a dear friend to read The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working: The Four Forgotten Needs That Energize Great Performance. I have only just finished chapter one, and it is a comelling start!

1 thought on “How’s Your Work-Home Balance?

  1. I emphathize with this challenge. I love the “trouble” of loving what you do. It is an interesting and wonderful dilemma maybe? My two children and my husband bring the me the greatest joys I know. As a person of great faith, I often find those moments of “certainty in my God” when I am with my family. Yet, being “at work” is an important part of who I am, too. I feel a strong sense of purpose and mission when I am at work. I embrace the challenges and complications of life at work. My time with my family is about celebrating the unconditional loving community my husband and I have chosen to create. My time at work is about celebrating the complications and opportunities that come from participating in the world beyond my immediate family? I’m adding the book you recommend, The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working, to my list. Thanks for the post!

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