9-03-10 Adopt a Stream

On Friday, September 3, I participated in a short workshop about “Adopt a Stream.”

[From the Adopt a Stream website, http://www.adopt-a-stream.org/  “This workshop is designed to teach you about basic stream water chemistry (some aspects of larger water bodies will also be included). The chemical tests are collected with hand-held field equipment. Accuracy and precision of collecting field data will be discussed. We ask that you conduct at least the following parameters: pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, turbidity, and temperature.”]

How could our school become involved in Adopt a Stream with Nancy Creek? How could Synergy 8 play a role in studying the creek and improving the quality of this natural resource?

Also, a related way to get involved…an essay contest on the Georgia Clean Water Campaign
For background and other resources: http://www.cleanwatercampaign.com/html/573.htm

2 thoughts on “9-03-10 Adopt a Stream

  1. I too am a a student from St. Mary's in Mr. McCalla's Honors Algebra 2 class. I also think that getting students involved in the "Adopt a Stream" campaign would be very beneficial. Not only would students get the opportunity to be involved with conserving our natural resources and making a difference within the community, but students would also be educated about the environment and maintaining a healthy environment. I think that it would be really effective to get students involved!

  2. I am a student at St. Mary's in Mr. McCalla's Honors Algebra 2 class. I think that is a really great idea! I think it could improve the quality of natural resources because if more people are more aware as a whole. We may also help to purify water by learning more about the chemicals. Most importantly, individuals would want to clean up the environment if they really knew how garbage affects water.

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