Wikis, and Podcasts, and Blogs, Oh My!

During the mornings of July 21, 22, and 23, I participated as a student in a Center for Teaching Summer Institute with the title above. In short, the class was fabulous. Taught with genuine expertise and enthusiasm by Chris Bishop and Jere Wells, the institute offering explored various Web 2.0 technologies. The content foundation for the class rests at a wiki which one can reach by clicking on the title of this post; the site is a remarkable self-learning tool. In addition to learning richly about Web 2.0 technologies and better equipping myself to be an improved technology and pedagogy resource for my exceptional faculty, I found the experience of being a student again to be invaluable. What better way to remind myself about the complexities, conditions, and conquests of learning than to put myself in the student role. As I sat beside Angela Jones, I became even more excited to imagine how she might utilize all that she seemed to learn during our three days of instruction.

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