JH Permanent Art Collection Installed

On Tuesday, July 22, 2008, Mary Cobb and I completed the third annual installation of over 50 pieces of student artwork into the Junior High Permanent Art Collection (JHPAC). To date, the collection contains about 180 pieces of student art. The JHPAC was inaugurated when the Junior High School moved into its new building in 2005. When the building was designed, the hallways and commons spaces were intended to be used as “mini galleries.” What a blessing to see the dream of a JHPAC come to life. Better still, how wonderful to see the student art recognized and hanging for all to see. Thanks to Mary Cobb, Director of the Junior High Permanent Art Collection.
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Learner. Husband. Dad. Chief Learning and Innovation Officer at The Mount Vernon School in Atlanta, GA. Have worked in transformation design, educational innovation, and school leadership for 20+ years.

2 thoughts on “JH Permanent Art Collection Installed

  1. Hi Bo,Seeing this group of objects makes me nostalgic for my colleague, Pat. Those things are emblematic of her longevity here at Westminster. Wonder if they will find their way into the works ever again!! Maybe she took them with her???? :-)Blogging R UsSandra

  2. Is there an electronic archive of the Permanent Art Collection pieces and the artist? I would like to know who has pieces hanging in the Junior High.

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