CHANGEd: What if we designed and experimented more in schools? 60-60-60 #20

On March 21, I attended the magical Trinity Musical Gala (also see here). Among the feast was an iPad concerto and a dance troupe debut. AMAZING!

Last Friday, I participated in MVPS’s Design Thinking Summit. After interviewing students for precious insights, we designed outdoor classrooms and modeled with recycled “trash.” It was so fun and multi-disciplinary. INSPIRING!

Awhile ago, a colleague sent me this MITvideo on “Boxie” (5 min worth watching), an anthropological robot made from a cardboard box. MESMERIZING!

To create new soundtracks, 3D renderings, and cultural cyborgs is a recipe for developing creators and producers, rather than mere consumers. Let’s generate map makers instead of mere map readers. Let’s design and experiment our way into a new three-ring circus as schools.

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