Two tidbits from my morning learning routine – growing roots and mindsets to bridge gaps.

Tidbit #1. Meghalayas Living Bridge. At Unboundary, we share what we’re learning on a WordPress system we call Foundary. This morning, in my feed from Foundary, I found this beautiful, less-than-five-minute piece (HT to Witt Langstaff) about the living bridges of Meghalaya. The story itself is mesmerizing, but the teaching and learning process is what struck me most profoundly. Field study. Project work. Actions that matter to a bigger cause. Apprenticeship and communal focus.


Tidbit #2. The Right Mindset for Success. This morning, walking in the rain with Lucy, I listened to a new podcast for me – I’ve recently added HBR’s Idea Cast to my morning podcast set. In this episode Sarah Green interviews legendary Carol Dweck about the Growth Mindset.

Among other morning learning, these tidbits have me thinking about what roots we’re cultivating in schools in order to bridge the gaps we face, and how we take on a growth mindset as an entire school or education system facing a world of rapid change, networked information development, and significant needs for problem and solution finding.