Just for fun – Aparna Rao: Art that craves your attention

As I watched Aparna Rao: Art that craves your attention, I felt fairly overwhelmed with joy and wonder… and fun.

Over several years, I have somewhat trained myself to ask certain questions as I observe, too:

  1. Where would this “fit” in traditional education?
  2. How would learners be provided space and time to pursue work/play like this?
  3. What about this is consistent/inconsistent with how we have organized and concepted traditional schooling?
  4. What might we learn from this that could spur us to enhance learner experience in formalized school?
  5. What if “school” were more like this?



Kindergarten Field Trips ROCK!

Today, I chaperoned my older son’s kindergarten field trip to Yellow River Game Ranch – something of a cross between a basic zoo and a petting farm. I was assigned a group of five boys. We called ourselves the Adams’ All Stars. They joyfully explored and discovered a myriad of animals, enjoyed the outdoors, and loved being with each other. I had a ball, and I was constantly reminded of the wonders of seeing, hearing, smelling, and being curious. What a super duper day of learning fun!