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HOW MIGHT WE weave together: 1) a blog post about student-driven learning, 2) explorations by a father and two sons, and 3) two incredible educators working to blur the lines between “school” and “real life?”

  1. For me, a wonderful convergence happened today. First, while reading this morning, I benefitted mightily from “Start with Why: The power of student-driven learning” by Shelley Wright.
  2. Start with Why: The power of student-driven learning plpnetwork.com/2013/06/21/sta… via @plpnetwork & @wrightsroom #MustRead
  3. Then, my two sons and I embarked on a Father-Son-Based-Learning journey to Sope Creek Park. Near the end of that trip, I highlighted one of the posts from our adventure for @SciTechyEdu. In exemplary improv and design-thinking form, she “yes-and’ed” me. Beautifully, another extraordinary team member of mine from Mount Vernon chimed in with more “yes-and’s.” Now, we have the nucleus of a pretty amazing opportunity for unifying and integrating curriculum and instruction around a core idea of natural area surrounding our school and the water-based challenges we face as a community.
  4. Here’s the #FSBL – in 9 quick auto-posts that are generated when my sons and I create an #FSBL observation-journal entry.
  5. Exploring Sope Creek Park #FSBL wp.me/p3fWuN-bT57V
  6. Learning to navigate & map read #FSBL wp.me/p3fWuN-bT57Z
  7. Sibley Pond, Sope Creek Park, #FSBL wp.me/p3fWuN-bT58b
  8. Info board. Natl Park Service. #FSBL, @scitechyedu wp.me/p3fWuN-bT58r
  9. And here’s where Mary joins in our learning journey and expands the potential of a future project/challenge exploration…
  10. Yes plant & animal id, geocaching, trail maint. &… RT @boadams1: Info board Natl Park Service #FSBL, @scitechyedu wp.me/p3fWuN-bT58r
  11. And here’s where Chris jumps in and expands the opportunity and potential even further…
  12. @boadams1 @scitechyEDU YES and include water table info; explore h2o rights, too
  13. @chrisandres003 Yes! And could write to Upper Hooch River Keepers, apply for grant, etc. @scitechyEDU
  14. @boadams1 @scitechyEDU YES and design water usage/conservation plan for MVPS, S. Spings, etc.
  15. Mary connects our ideating to a resource from Stanford d.school…
  16. @chrisandres003 @boadams1 look at this H20 design thinking challenge stanford.edu/group/d-loft/c…
  17. And she moves to implementation by moving us to “WHEN & WHERE.” This moves ideas to action.
  18. @boadams1 @chrisandres003 I will b in i.Design lab all next week workin’ & strategizing on the ZBoards… Swing by…
  19. And Chris commits to joining such implementation and #ActionEd…
  20. @scitechyEDU @boadams1 love where this is going! I’ll try and swing by Monday. Name a time
  21. For me, this is an incredible example of how a simple commitment to community exploration and discovery (#FSBL) can connect with other ideas and possibilities for reimagining and recreating school. Together, I believe Mary, Chris, and I (and others) will make something happen from this ideation. It is this openness and exuberance and design-mindedness that makes me so excited to work with #MVPSchool faculty and leadership. For me, Mary and Chris translated ideation into innovation. Thanks, you two!