I dream a school…that plays matchmaker between world issues and adolescent energy

Do you know about Innocentive? They match innovation needs with innovation providers – that whole demand and supply thing. In addition to doing great work, they also make a great metaphor for what school could be.

I believe schools could be structured this way.

Adolescent energy, resourcefulness, and desire to engage relevance
Issues of the world

Engaging curriculum that positively influences the world

Imagine the F=ma implications, in a social justice application of Newton’s Law, if a majority of schools employed the collective mass of our students…in integrated studies, project-based learning formats…to make huge dents in world issues. The size of that “additive amoeba” (think collecting broken up play-dough into one mass), could really make a difference. [Yes, I want to embed Kiran Bir Sethi’s TED talk right here, but I’m not gonna do it. Gonna use Jamie Drummond’s instead.]

I dream a school that crowd-sources with myriad other schools to impact the world now. Imagine the power of that!


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CHANGEd: What if we crowd sourced assessment? 60-60-60 #29

Those who know me well understand that I think more school curriculum should be geared toward grand challenges and innovation opportunities. With such project-based learning comes the need for “authentic assessment with real-world audiences.” What if we crowd sourced assessment? What if more student work was published in 2.0 ways so that the work could be assessed with feedback from hundreds of available and willing relative experts? When we utilize more eyes and ears than just those of the classroom teacher, the students gain multiple perspectives for enhancement and growth – like the increase in vision with multiple windows and mirrors on a car or bus! (Not to mention – “many hands make light work!”)

School 2.0 just “lens” itself to taking advantage of the power of crowd sourcing.

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