Think school transformation: “As work gets more complex, 6 rules to simplify” #TED

A archetypical tale of (and great advice for) school transformation…if you listen closely enough!



Yves Morieux: As work gets more complex, 6 rules to simplify

#Pedagography and a spontaneous, invaluable learning session

#Pedagography and a spontaneous, invaluable learning session

This morning, while re-reading and studying Heath Bros. #Decisive (and prepping for upcoming #MVPSchool Leadership Council retreat), I was playing with some new ideas about #PedagogicalMasterPlanning.

  1. Studying #Decisive, a new vein of thinking about PMP has opened up for me – “pedagography” #Pedagography Mapping school T&L ecosystem

“Widening my options” and thinking about PMP, I began to wonder more about a school instructionally mapping (like curriculum mapping but with more focus on methodology). Literally seeing a map in my mind’s eye, I grew more and more curious about a school engaging in cartography of its teaching and learning ecosystem. I have been thinking of PMP with analogy of architectural blueprints, and today more about cartography and mapping came into view.

  1. In #Pedagography, “plan” takes on diff connot than in “strategic plan.” More a plan in terms of a map… like “floor plan.” (Cartography)
I decided again to “Find Someone Who’s Solved Your Problem” and put out a search inquiry on Twitter.
  1. Does anyone know of K12 schls that have tried to “pedagogically map,” like some have curricularly mapped? #Pedagography #AllHelpAppreciated
  2. @boadams1 Favorite question of the day so far, that! Will keep my antennae up for you…
  3. @butwait Thanks so much Shelley! You’ve got some of the most incredible antenna in the business! #Pedagography
  4. @boadams1 [blushing] Aww, thanks, Bo! I have some pretty fantastic help. Have you seen this?… #gristforthemill
  5. #Pedagography can help create _confidence_ in #EdTransformation work, like map boosts journey confidence. #Decisive
  6. @leadlearnlab Thanks for RT! Have asked Q before, but not quite this way. Really appreciate any insight you gather/offer! #Pedagography
  7. @boadams1 sadly, I don’t know anyone who does this. But perhaps we throw it out to the #innolead cohort this week. I’ll report back.

Some of my tribe members had teased me about the hashtag #PedagogicalMasterPlanning, and I reached out to these great thinkers by introducing the new hashtag #Pedagography – the art and science of create maps of our pedagogical ecosystems in schools – our teaching and learning landscapes, so to speak.

  1. @scitechyEDU Thanks, Mary! I’m now wondering how #Pedagography might be like #LewisAndClark to #GoogleEarth processes, insights, etc.

Adjacent possibilities and some mental playwork deepened and stretched my thinking.

  1. @boadams1 @scitechyEDU @jgough mapping, shaping and cultivating the learning landscape? Maybe it’s #pedagogicalyardwork

Then, I think we began to check for shared understanding.

  1. . @boadams1 can U tweet difference bt pedagogically map vs curriculum map? Didnt U post article/2 on this? MayB #isedchat #21stedchat topic
  2. @scitechyEDU Great Q! Curric map seems more WHAT/WHEN. Largely content. #Pedagography is that WHY & HOW More re #instructionalmethodology
  3. @scitechyEDU @lottascales @jgough This am, began to see PMP more like cartography than architectural planning, per se. #Pedagography (1/2)
  4. @scitechyEDU @lottascales @jgough (2/2) So #Pedagography like the work of cartographer ethnographer. To create “maps” of the T&L ecosystem
  5. @boadams1 @scitechyEDU @jgough I like ethnography cartography. Then what happens? Shape path & critical moves fr where ur to where ur going?
  6. @lottascales @scitechyEDU @jgough Exactly! And like a map, there are multiple paths, journeys, destinations. All informed by #Pedagography
  7. @boadams1 @lottascales @jgough Pulling @jbrettjacobsen N2 convo all of this reminds me of the airline hub flights image esp ATL as the hub
  8. @boadams1 @scitechyEDU @jgough are all headed 4 same destination? Can learners go “off the map” intentionally or serendipitously? (1/2)
  9. @boadams1 @scitechyEDU @jgough I like this metaphor. Want learners to have tools to navigate the map and make their own. (2/2)

And other super-thinkers entered the conversation. We really had quite a Stephen Johnson “coffee house” going – with ideas and hunches colliding to form new ideas and possibilities.

  1. @lottascales @boadams1 @scitechyEDU @jgough Loving your conversation! Powerful thinking this am. Appreciate being able to eavesdrop!

I could have taken notes privately. All to myself. But then I would have missed out on these incredible educators weighing in, inquiring about things, and enhancing my thinking.

  1. @boadams1 @lottascales @scitechyEDU @jgough Does this open up differentiated outcomes for all, not just a differentiated process?
  2. @NishantMehta Others have intro’d Gr8 ideas. For me, core of #Pedagography abt mapping out TL ecosystems @lottascales @scitechyEDU @jgough
  3. @boadams1 @lottascales @scitechyEDU Love this thinking! Am wondering about GPS guidance when feeling (or actually) lost. #Pedagography
  4. @boadams1 @ideaguy42 @lottascales @scitechyEDU @jgough Love that this includes learners too, not just teacher’s viewpoint as most curr maps.
  5. Know any K12 schls trying to “pedagogically map,” like some curric map? #Pedagography #AllHelpAppreciated #EdChat #CPChat #ISEDChat #SatChat