#PBL example, courtesy of John Hunter, TED, and Martin Institute

Are you wondering how to engage students in more real-world learning? Are you looking for inspiration for and examples of project-based learning that connects students and adults with authentic issues challenging our citizenry? I am. John Hunter, Jamie Baker, and The Martin Institute help me do so…

World Peace Game Creator John Hunter Named Martin Institute Fellow
Press release from January 5, 2012, by The Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence…gives details of partnership between Martin Institute and John Hunter, provides information on film about John Hunter’s classroom approach, and offers dates for summer institute on developing curriculum and instruction that innovates like the World Peace Games

Can you spare 27 minutes for learning and world peace?
Blog post from June 3, 2011, on It’s About Learning – about John Hunter TED talk

#PBL examples, courtesy of TEDxWomen
Blog post from January 11, 2012, on It’s About Learning – about finding examples and inspirations for PBL…links to two other posts about PBL

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