4 in the morning

I love this talk from Rives: “The Museum of Four in the Morning” for at least four reasons…

Four “a.m.”s

  1. for a man who rises near four in the morning, it just makes sense
  2. for a model of a whimsical project spidering to all subject areas, it’s just beautiful
  3. for a mantra of unsolicited but glorious crowdsourced collaboration, it shows a paragon of connectedness
  4. for a melodious rhythm of syncopated playfulness from our first 2.0 poet, it’s inspiring communication

So somewhere along the line, I realized I have a hobby I didn’t know I wanted, and it is crowdsourced.

1 thought on “4 in the morning

  1. Bo,

    I have been harboring this sentiment for awhile..this gentle celebratory post capped it for me.

    Although our paths don’t cross regularly and we may not connect directly…your learning…out here in the open…is a gentle spring breeze. This breeze carries the vibrancy of new life bursting forth, a melange of blooms, unfurled greenery and richness of spring earth. It is soft and inviting. It is fresh, unencumbered and fluid. It holds hints of the source flowers but no distinct overpowering notes. It is melodic and comforting. It transmits with clarity the variety of songbirds, singing out their unique trills as they collect and create their nests. It moves gently and faintly, never rushed…but distinct and present.

    It invites, it refreshes, it reminds, it calls. Your learning is a spring breeze.

    Gratitude for sharing your journey so openly and regularly with us all.


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