#MustRead Shares (weekly)

  • “We’re always hearing about how education is so messed up — so often, the conversation focuses on all the negatives. But there are also plenty of “EduWins,” too — awesome ideas, videos, people, programs, practices, products, Tweeters, teachers, and technologies that are making a difference and changing the lives of real students on a global scale.

    Indeed, as technology continues to quietly revolutionize learning, and models like project-based learning become more broadly accepted, and neuroscience deepens our understanding of how our miraculous brains actually work, it is no surprise that so much is changing in education. And — as with any change — there is the good and the bad.

    So we asked our intrepid team of bloggers to reflect on this year’s biggest eduwins, and here are their thoughts.”

    tags: edutopia trends wins #MustRead innovation

  • “A while back, I was asked, “What engages students?” Sure, I could respond, sharing anecdotes about what I believed to be engaging, but I thought it would be so much better to lob that question to my own eighth graders. The responses I received from all 220 of them seemed to fall under 10 categories, representing reoccurring themes that appeared again and again. So, from the mouths of babes, here are my students’ answers to the question: “What engages students?””

    tags: engagement Edutopia Student Voice #MustRead

  • A haunting, provocative, inspiring, and courageous expression of beliefs around the core differences between “schooling” and “education,” given as the acceptance speech when John Taylor Gatto received the Teacher of the Year Award in New York in 1990. [HT: @ChipHouston1976]

    tags: education school edreform transformation real-world #MustRead

  • “What Is Visible Thinking?
    Six key principles anchor Visible Thinking and characterize our approach in schools.”

    #4. “Fostering thinking requires making thinking visible. Thinking happens mostly in our heads, invisible to others and even to ourselves. Effective thinkers make their thinking visible, meaning they externalize their thoughts through speaking, writing, drawing, or some other method. They can then direct and improve those thoughts. Visible Thinking also emphasizes documenting thinking for later reflection.” 

    [HT: @cliffordshelley]

    tags: visiblethinking VTR thinking #MustRead

  • tags: revolution heroes #MustRead

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