#MustRead Shares (weekly)

  • “As part of the 2013 Global Innovation 1000 study, Booz & Company surveyed executives at more than 350 companies around the world to learn more about the digital tools that are transforming innovation. Our results show that at the development phase, productivity tools have reached maturity—most are widely used and effective. In other phases, particularly the front end of the innovation process, companies are experimenting with new marketing and customer insight tools that have game-changing potential.”

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  • COOL! “The Design WalkIn is a storefront design walk in clinic that helps to facilitate relationships between designers and the general public. Designers, just like any other professional, have to be the right fit. We realized we were really good at brokering these relationships. We also had extensive networks within several practices of design, so we set up this clinic called the Design WalkIn that popped up on King St W last year. It was open to the public to come and book an appointment with a specialist.”

    I can imagine MVPS learners creating such a service in Sandy Springs!

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  • A “lesson plan” for #deeperlearning. If I were to have a magic wand or be granted one wish for BIG change in education, it would be to infuse and integrate this kind of philosophy and practice into more of the foundational bedrock of schooling. For me, this connects to my two favorite statements by Sir Ken Robinson: 1) Schools should ask “How are you smart?” not “How smart are you?” and 2) The basics are purposes not subjects.

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    • If you want to learn something new, take it into your own hands.
    • Embarking on a path of innovation and self-initiation, the need for specific skills reveal themselves simply through necessity and process — you can plan ahead, but that can only take you so far.
    • The more you become invested in your idea, the more you’ll want to learn in order to refine it and make it better.
    • A sum of small accomplishments can ultimately pave the way towards bigger things,
      • Teresa Amabile’s work connected to small successes. Links to Growth Mindset and grit work with Angela Duckworth, Paul Tough.

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