#NOV8 National Innovate Day! Spread the Word! #MVPSchool #MVIFI

Happy “Innovate Day!”

(November 8… Nov. 8…think about it as a car license plate…sound out the letters in “N.O.,” then blend the sounds of the “V” and the “8.” Got it?)

I mean, we have a smorgasbord of national days for this and that. Why not an “Innovate Day” – and on Nov. 8, of course?! We talk about the importance of innovation. We should celebrate it more!

What will you do today to:

  • Observe
  • Question
  • Experiment
  • Network
  • Associate

and employ the characteristics and traits identified in Innovator’s D.N.A.?

Innovators DNA Traits

What risks will you take? What will you be gritty and persistent about? How will you celebrate the day by exercising your growth mindset to work at the intersection of creative expression and functional problem solving? How will you raise up human-centered solution seeking? What will you design?

How will you NOV8 today?

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