Triangle Learning Community #NewSchoolModels @SteveG_TLC

Two years ago, at EduCon 2.4, I was privileged to meet Steve Goldberg (@SteveG_TLC). Steve is a visionary educator and activator. In August, Steve and a team of others will open Triangle Learning Community in Durham, NC.

The three-minute video below overviews the form and function of TLC. And it also serves as a catalyst for re-thinking some of our assumptions about how “school” has to be structured. I appreciate so much that Steve lives out a profound idea – humans created “school,” so we can also re-imagine it, recreate it, and remodel it.

Along with new start-up schools, though, I deeply hope that long-standing schools with lengthier histories are also re-imagining school, recreating school, remodeling school. At the very least, I hope that we are engaging in such design exercises. If they reveal that our current structure and system is the best, then so be it. But what if school could be even better?! Shouldn’t we be willing to do that research and design, so that we can know more certainly, more confidently. Not let habit and assumption blind us to possibility.


You can also learn more about TLC at the school website and Steve’s great blog.

3 thoughts on “Triangle Learning Community #NewSchoolModels @SteveG_TLC

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  2. Thanks Bo! Meeting you and Jill was definitely the highlight of EduCon 2.4 for me, and I look forward to seeing you in Atlanta (though as you just demonstrated here, people can work together regardless of geography).

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