An idea worth spreading – Grant Lichtman visiting with 50 schools re: future of schools & schools of the future #EdJourney @GrantLichtman

This from Grant Lichtman (@GrantLichtman)…

Dear Colleagues,

As you know, over the next three months I will be meeting with hundreds of educators at more than 50 leading independent, charter, and public schools around the country, each with a unique story to tell about how they are evolving their organizations to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

I hope you will help leverage this opportunity for professional connections with fellow educators around the country who share common interests.  How?  It is really simple.   Share this link to my blog, The Learning Pond, or #EdJourney on Twitter with a few colleagues or collaborators. My blog posts will have active links to people, places, and programs that might be of interest. Here are three examples before I even leave San Diego, of schools that are doing some really interesting work:

Groundbreaking New Pilot at Dallas Townview Magnet School

This is What School Innovation Looks Like

Middle School Hunger Game: Check It Out

I am fortunate to be visiting some of the most exciting schools in America, and I hope to widely distribute those seeds of knowledge. Thanks for helping to share, learn, and grow!


Grant Lichtman

Twitter @GrantLichtman

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