What I learned from skateboarding at age 41 and 11/12…

I learned so much from this TED talk – “Rodney Mullen: Pop an ollie and innovate!” – and I have no intention to literally pop an ollie. But I can think of 1,000 ways that Mullen’s lessons apply to schools and school change. Here’s just one…

Context informs content.

Mullen also provided incredible wisdom about creating for the sake of creating and contributing to one’s peers and to one’s community…not for earning the championship (read – highest grade, as I was listening). In fact, after winning 35 of 36 competitions that he entered in his 11-year pro career, he shared that the loss at the end really allowed him to create most joyfully.

Out of the grind and out to grind.

It’s about the intrinsic. It’s about learning.

2 thoughts on “What I learned from skateboarding at age 41 and 11/12…

  1. Thanks for sharing, Bo. I enjoyed learning from Mullen; my main take away is how creativity and humility seem to go hand in hand. When he was defending his title, he lost part of himself to a large extent. He never said the word “fear” but it was obviously there and it blocked him. I can certainly see this in my own life and my teaching career. To grow I know I have to be humble, let go, explore, venture into the unknown, and even fail. Most importantly, however, I have to remember it’s not always about me but what I can contribute to others.

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