Lessons on #creativity in 1 min, 20 sec. (and then some, if you want to study awhile)

For those schools who really want to bake creativity into their core being…weave it into much of what they do…breathe it in like air as a taken for grantedness some day, then they better dig into, unpack, and implement the stuff mentioned just in this 1 min, 20 sec.

And it wouldn’t hurt to re-imagine, re-solve, and re-purpose school according to many of these lessons…

TED Radio Hour:

And don’t forget GRIT!

3 thoughts on “Lessons on #creativity in 1 min, 20 sec. (and then some, if you want to study awhile)

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  2. Thanks for this post, Bo. I was just talking with Jamie Baker (@jamiereverb) today about how I feel like I have a decent understanding of how to teach critical thinking, but I’m still grasping when it comes to creativity. This is a great list of resources. I appreciate your sharing. I’ve bookmarked this to explore further next week..

    • I particularly recommend the TED Radio Hour podcasts. I think they’re amazing. The synthesis of the talks and interviews with the speakers are superb thought provokers.

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