Leading Learners to Level Up #MICON12

On Wednesday, June 13, Bo Adams and Jill Gough are  facilitating a session at The Martin Institute’s 2012 Conference (#MICON12 on Twitter) on formative assessment entitled Leading Learners to Level Up.

Leveled formative assessment that offers learners the ability to calibrate understanding with expectations and, at the same time, shows the path to the next level will improve learning and teaching. Use assessment to inform learners where they are on the learning spectrum, where the targets are, and how to level up.

Leading Learners to Level Up (Framework plans) [50 minutes]

  1. Formative Assessment presentation [15 minutes]
  2. Examples of Leveled Formative assessments
    1. Algebra: Linear Functions, Slope [5 minutes]
    2. Synergy: Essential Learnings, Observation Journals [5 minutes]
    3. SMART Goals and other PLC examples [5 minutes]
  3. Use PollEverywhere to decide the next step:  many individual/pair workshopped rubrics or mini individual workshopped rubric to then share out to whole group (like faculty web presence; group work – engaged participation) [5 minutes]
  4. Participant workshop time to develop leveled assessment for use with learners   [10 minutes + 10 minutes to share out & wrap up]

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2 thoughts on “Leading Learners to Level Up #MICON12

  1. Great questions via tweets from @ideaguy42 during our #MICON12 session that we should discuss:

    • Do your formative assessments provide a safe opportunity for kids to fail before growing more?
    • Do you spend time talk through exemplars prior to the learning?
    • How are you working through the challenges of remedial classes with this work? What is the target?
    • Do rubrics stifle creativity as kids fall into place of rubric demands?

    @ideaguy42 also tweeted “We make learning too busy to allow students to truly learn @jgough #micon12.” Grant Lichtman replied “@ideaguy42 @jgough #micon12 Busy maybe not the problem, it is the imbalance of busy and calm, and what they are busy doing.”

    [Cross-posting this comment from my post .]

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