d.school, innovation, creativity, and possibility #Synergy

What if…

What if we employed more “design thinking” into our programs in K-12 education in Atlanta? In “Innovation 101,” Carolyn Geer detailed a bit of Stanford’s d.school (the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design) and founder David Kelley. What would it take to integrate more design thinking across curricula in our schools? How could we use design thinking as “connective tissue” among the curricula? To design potential solutions for identified community problems certainly provides glue that holds together what is typically thought of as history, science, math, English, art, etc.

How could a K-12 Design Lab for schools in Atlanta be grown right here in our surrounds?

Reminds me of Geoff Mulgan’s TED talk on studio schools.

Also reminds me of RE:ED #nxtchp2011.

Imagine the possibilities…

3 thoughts on “d.school, innovation, creativity, and possibility #Synergy

  1. Locally, Mount Vernon is doing a very nice job in particular of integrating the design process/studio-like classroom into their school. They will offer a Design Thinking Summit for educators in March.

    One of the take-aways from Re:Ed I hope will be “the process” and questions such as you are posing: How might we incorporate this process to fuel creative thinking and problem-solving in our classrooms/our schools/our communities? And, instead of just thinking and talking about it…doing it.

    Of course, the idea of a K-12 studio school in Atlanta…indeed an intriguing thought!

  2. Interesting thought. I would be fascinated: a) to see what the K-12 Design Lab would look like on the ground and b) to hear an imagined example or two of what kind of specific work it would do.

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