Post in Progress – Capturing Some Action @reimagine_ed and #NxtChp2011

This weekend, I am participating in Re-Imagine Ed (RE:ED) – Next Chapter (on Twitter at #nxtchp2011). I am part of an integrated network of design teams working to imagine the K-12 libraries of the future. From the website:

An Active Process:

Instead of another traditional conference — speakers talking at passive audiences; vaguely connected sessions — you’ll join a dynamic 3-day design event focused on imagination and action.

Becoming Part of a Design Team

“Next Chapter” participants automatically become members of 7-8 person design teams.

This will allow passionate, creative, professionally-diverse attendees to collaborate actively with innovative peers and design facilitators in imagining new futures for the K12 library.

Over the course of the 3 days, teams will work closely with their experienced design facilitators to solve a variety of real world case studies in an effort to create new visions for K12 libraries:

  • Listen -> empathize, ask, seek
  • Imagine -> ideate, brainstorm, wonder
  • Make -> prototype, craft, test

During the first two days, I have made some short movies, just to capture some of the action. I will write more later.

Day 1

Day 2

NOTE: It’s like Synergy 8 for adults!

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