“Learn from Mistakes” Student Devotional at MMM 8-22-11

A few years ago, the Westminster Junior High School added “Monday Morning Meetings” as a regular community occurrence for our approximately 560 middle-school students and 80 faculty. The 15-minute, weekly assembly is lead by middle schoolers – at this time, the leadership team is composed of our student Honor Council. Much of our thinking involves this simple principle – if you want to teach leadership, students need an authentic thing to lead.

On Monday, August 22, one of our students provided a superb devotional about “Learning from Mistakes.” With great fortune, I had my Flip camera, and I had pressed the record button!

Thanks to the Honor Council and to “K” for a superb beginning to this year’s student-led Monday Morning Meetings. K’s opening message provided the ideal sentiment for starting a year that should be full of exciting learning – the real-life learning that is full of mistakes from which to learn and grow.

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