JHS Parents Night 2011: Presentation Materials from the Principal

The Junior High School administration, teachers, and students GENUINELY APPRECIATE how supportive and attentive our parents are! However, we also realize that not everyone can attend Parents Night. So…below you can find the presentation materials that I am using at JHS Parents Night 2011. While access to mere materials does not equate to being at the event, I hope that you can, at the least, get a taste of what’s being said, if you cannot attend in person. And you can always ask a friend who was there to “fill in the details.” Also, even for those who could attend – I tend to load a few slides in my deck that I know I will not cover in person, but I think the notes and resources might be helpful for people to access online.

My Parents Night slide deck is embedded below as a PDF on Scribd (if the web does strange things to the document, you can also access the PDF here). If you have the application “Keynote,” you can download the actual slides by clicking here. Other back-to-school information for Junior High School parents can be accessed on the Westminster website by clicking on the “Back-to-School” button and clicking in the “Junior High School” section (a PDF of my slide deck from the JHS Parents Tech Night on 8-18-11 can be found there, at the bottom of the page, and a direct link to the Tech Night PDF is here).

If you have trouble getting to the iMovie that I am showing, you can view it below, too…

THANK YOU, PARENTS, for sharing your children with us at Westminster!

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