At the Crossroads of Honor and Technology

At the start of every school year, the Junior High School details the community expectations of our Honor Code. One step in this detailing involves our Junior High Honor Council advisers reviewing the processes and protocols with the faculty. This year, because of an unexpected time constraint, we experienced less division-meeting time. Undaunted by this unanticipated time constraint, advisers Thomas and Fry employed their developing tech skills and leveraged their tech learning to produce the following (shared here with their permission)…[KUDOS to them! And how nice that I can share with others…including our parents!]

Good morning, wonderful faculty!

Mr. Fry and I, in addition to each of the 17 members of this year’s Honor Council are so excited to serve our community by helping preserve and uphold our Honor Code in the Junior High.

Our main goal is to EDUCATE and assist in the learning process, and we hope that we can begin by offering these few reminders to you in the enclosed video.  We had planned on sharing face-to-face time with you during Monday’s Faculty Forum division meeting, but alas, time ran out.

And so, in the name of trying and learning something new, we hope this video can be a helpful reminder for both now and throughout the year.

You can either access it via youtube here:

You can also access a written version of these reminders, along with the video posted on my blog:

Please know we are always here for you and your students, and we anticipate a magnificent year ahead!

With love and thanks,
Carter Thomas and Adam Fry

In the upcoming days, our student-led Honor Council will present the Honor Code and community expectations to the entire student body. I know they are already working on a great presentation of their own!

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