Great NYT Piece: “Education Needs a Digital-Age Upgrade”

Thanks to colleague Mary Cobb, who shares with me what she is reading, I explored this “Opinionator” commentary from Virgina Heffernen (click or tap on image below). I thought Heffernen’s piece provided a strong summary of the 21st-century-education argument. [Also, I was reminded of a post I wrote a few months back, and I was thankful to have that reflection recorded (one of the reasons “Why to blog?” discussed at yesterday’s Blogging as Digital Portfolio session).] With appreciation on my part, Heffernen captures that the industrial model of education is not necessarily working for many; however, 21st century education resembles classical education and a return to the past, as much as a forecast to the future. What we hope for students is a blend of the traditional methods that have proved effective, combined with innovative learning that can reach a developing brain being reared and “envionmentalized” today.

1 thought on “Great NYT Piece: “Education Needs a Digital-Age Upgrade”

  1. I think the entire JHS would benefit from reading this. Especially after our conversation at the meeting Thursday…

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