Addendum to “Have a Magical Day!”

On the edu180atl blog this week, I read of a teacher at Mt. Vernon Presbyterian School who used Skype to connect her students with King Henry VIII ( They actually time travelled through a creative use of a community resource and a 21st century tool. I was reminded of my family venture to the Magic Kingdom this week. Two of our favorite moments occurred in shows in which wind blew through the theatre, rain showered from the ceiling, and Donald went from 3D image in my glasses to a duck tail in the rear wall of the house. Disney was masterful at creating an illusion that compelled, captivated, and educated. Yes, Disney actually pulled out of us all an internal creativity and imaginative wonder…just like the MVPS teacher. Here’s to more inspired creativity and demolition of perceived walls in our learning! Suspension of disbelief is the twin of innovation and belief. Let’s create some. It’s about learning, after all!

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