Using Technology to Humanize the Classroom: Khan’s Model

At TED 2011, Salman Khan gave the talk inserted below in video. Under the video is a link to the library of Khan Academy lessons on YouTube (notice the sheer volume of videos and the topics covered…all for free).

Browse the Khan Academy library.

[Added 3-12-11 @ 7:36 a.m.]
Joe Bower offers some contrasting views of Khan Academy.

3 thoughts on “Using Technology to Humanize the Classroom: Khan’s Model

  1. I think that this is BRILLIANT! I think we could take it a step further and have students create the videos to teach their peers. I have been toying with the idea of changing how I teach vocabulary in particular. This semester I asked students to “teach” vocabulary words to the class, and most students said that they learned their own words well but not necessarily the words that their peers presented. I think that part of the issue was time and part of the issue was stage fright. I would like to try having the students create a video instead, possibly using Photostory and a YouTube channel, that students would watch and learn from each other. As Mr. Khan stated, students could pause and rewind the video multiple times and learn the material at their own pace. I think I would do it in the Language Lab during class rather than as homework. I have tried having students learn vocabulary via a video in the lab before, and they preferred it to having me present the material in person. This video also reminds me of the UVA med school article you cited in a previous blog post. In lieu of spending an entire class to lecture and teach the material, students would learn the material on their own and use class time to apply it collaboratively. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have just been playing on Khan Academy with the personal learning tracking – the video-game-esque feature of responding to questions and earning badges of success. It is a bit clunky, in my opinion, but I can see that it does have great potential. I would like to see the student tracking capabilities highlighted in the TED talk. Very compelling as an alpha/beta version.

    Karl Fisch writes a lot about flipping the classroom – the Fisch flip. Katie Plomgren has tried something similar, and a parent called me with triumph stories about her student in Ms. Plomgren’s class.

  3. Saw some recent posts from a few teachers who use his site in the classroom and assign some of his videos for homework. Could be a powerful tool if used effectively!

    Thanks for sharing!


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