UVa Med School: Case Study in 21st C Ed

One tweet and one email from two trusted colleagues and educators caused me to move this article to the top of my reading stack. Oh, was it worth it.

Are you confused by the term “21st century education?” Read this article about UVa Medical School, and I bet you gain extraordinary clarity. Project-based learning, problem-based learning, integrated studies, formative assessment – it’s all here! Change the topic from medicine, and the meta-example is applicable to any field or discipline. This is where I hope we are moving in education and schools!


[Added 3-5-11 @ 8:17 a.m.]
Megan Howard’s To The Lighthouse blog post, The Rx for Education?, is an excellent resource with even more article reference and discussion possibilities.

[Added 3-12-11 @ 7:32 a.m.]
Karl Fisch on “The Learning Studio” at UVa Med.

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