Bringing into Focus: Work at Unboundary

This week, through some email exchange and a face-to-face meeting, I was able to adjust the focus ring and sharpen my view on my sabbatical work at Unboundary. By splicing together a few of the email threads, I explain here a bit more about my intentions and excitements regarding this amazing sabbatical opportunity I am afforded.
Thank you. And thanks to all of the team that is helping this happen. The re:purposed plan sounds ideal! Here is my bullet summary/restatement to make sure I am on same page…
* my primary “internship” will be around Unboundary’s evolution work. [Tod: The modification would be that, as appropriate and possible, I’d like to involve you in the work going on around the evolution of Unboundary itself. I think engaging with that work, combined with what you’ll observe of our work with clients, you’ll get a sense of how Unboundary is harnessing design thinking to help companies and organizations rethink their purpose and pursue higher trajectories.]
* my secondary work will be around TEDxAtlanta – Creativity. [Tod: Jenn Graham will know to pull you in on TEDxAtlanta, as will Dawn Gahan. I think you know Jenn well from your time on the TEDx stage; Dawn is our central nervous system — Traffic Director — and knows everything that is happening in the office at all times.  Three people will share the lead on “immersing” you: those people are David Cannon, who is  executive director of creative intelligence; Chuck Reece, who is creative director of content; and Jamey Aiken, who is creative director of design.]
* the one other variable in the mix is Logan Smalley’s work on TED ED.
In three short weeks (my other sabbatical time will be spent researching and visiting other schools), I think this is a great portion size on my plate. Further, I think the learning in these two domains may prove perfect for what I hope to exchange among Unboundary, education and Westminster.
[Screenshot of Unboundary website:]

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