8-24-10 KP Duty

What would it take to encourage us to clean up after ourselves at lunch?

  • Have the students realized that if they banded together and cleaned up their own mess, then NOBODY would have to report for KP?
  • What methods do teachers use to monitor KP? I saw Ms. Dobbs use rubber-band bracelets today.
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Learner. Husband. Dad. Chief Learning and Innovation Officer at The Mount Vernon School in Atlanta, GA. Have worked in transformation design, educational innovation, and school leadership for 20+ years.

2 thoughts on “8-24-10 KP Duty

  1. I wholeheartedly agree. It would be easier for everybody if each person cleaned up there own mess. How could we convince everybody to clean up there mess and others…

  2. Some teachers ask their service rep to monitor or their students to check in with them before leaving the cafeteria. And a lot of the girls write "KP" on their palms as a reminder… ~ Tara

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