8-23-10 Cell Phones

  • How could cell phones be used as learning tools in class?
  • What are the key reasons why students are restricted from using the cell phones during the day?
  • Are there schools that allow student cell phone use as a learning tool?
  • Could we collect data about Synergy 8 students using their cell phones as learning tools?
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10 thoughts on “8-23-10 Cell Phones

  1. hi there! My name is claire and I am also from Mr. McCalla's algebra class! One of the ways cell phones could be used in class is if perhaps small mind triggering pieces of notes or homework was texted to students. I think this would make a lot of students more interested in school if teachers connected cell phones with learning. I think students are restricted from cell phones during the day because they can be a huge distraction if students constantly are messing around with them all day. I don't really know of any schools that allow cell phones, but I think it would be an interesting thing to try out. I think cell phones could occasionally be used as learning tools.

  2. Hello, my name is Nikki and I am also from Mr. McCalla's algebra class. I agree with the fact that cell phones could be a very handy learning tool during the day. The student could easily use the simple calculator or look onto the web. But on the other hand, using cell phones in school could cause huge problems. Problems such as distractions, cheating, and even texting during school. I think it would be easier to just continue with what we know, such as pen, paper, and computers! I know that I personally would be distracted if I could use my phone during school. I would waste time on it rather than doing important things. So I think that the use of cell phones wouldn't be a great learning experience.

  3. Hello, I am also from Mr. McCalla's class. I think it could go either way. Cell phones now have calculators and if it is a smartphone, it has lots of apps that could be downloaded for extra help. If they were used in class, most students would be temped to text, get on facebook, or check their email. Although, there is a setting where one can turn on 'airplane mode' (this means that it turns off connection to service), I am not sure most students would keep it on. It is also much easier to get out a phone than to have to get out a computer and then turn it on. I would love to be able to use my phone during class if that meant we could text but I know that is not right. Needless to say, cell phones were not meant to be used in class so I do not think they should be allowed.

  4. Hello, i too am from Mr. McCalla's class and i am glad that we are not allowed to have phones at school. like everyone above said, they can be good but for the most part I would be distracted. Of course the do have calculators and internet but they also have texting and facebook, twitter, etc. Another downfall to cell phones is the ability to cheat with them, as Suku said. I just think about how distracted I can get while on the computer and can't even imagine how I would be with a phone at school. I agree that pencil and paper is a better method for learning at school!

  5. Hello, it is Sukriti again! I just replied to the discussion about class schedules (which I truly loved), and I would also like to respond to this discussion. I think that this is one idea that many schools, teachers, and students have thought about deeply. And with good reason! In this changing world, schools have to change as well, don't they? We have to keep up with new technology, with the newest computers and calculators and everything else! So the question is this: how far is too far? Can we trust ourselves to actually use cell phones is school without getting distracted? I know that there are many benefits to using cell phones in school: access to a calculator and easy access to the Internet. These are both extremely helpful. I don't personally know of any schools that allow the students to use cells at school; usually, schools are simply banned! But I suppose that it is possible. I mean, I do pull out my laptop for the smallest things at school. But I can easily understand why cell phones are not allowed: cheating and texting during class would run rampant! But on the other hand, I pull out my iPod Touch when I need to quickly look something up online, and I find that this is very helpful. It wastes less time for sure! I also use the calculator on my iTouch when my calculator isn't handy (not during graded assignments, though!). However, I think this only works because a small number of students use iTouches for school work; most people don't have them handy at school, so they just use their laptops or ask friends. If everyone had an iTouch (or a phone, for that matter), school would be chaos! So let's leave this technological advancement at home and learn at school the good old-fashioned way (to some extent, at least).~Sukriti Mohan

  6. Hey! I'm from Mr. MCcalla's Honors Algebra II class and he said we could respond to your blog! Cell phones could be used a learning tools because they all have calculators on them and if you have a smart phone, you have internet access so you can always google what the question on a quiz or test is, or homework. Also with the iphones, you can download numerous apps, which means you can download maybe a dicitonary app and use it to cheat on a vocab test, or a money converter app and cheat on a math test just to name a few. Students aren't aloud to use cell phones during the day because they might cheat by using internet, or apps on iphones, or they might be texting during school which will distract them and whomever they are texting from what they are suppose to be doing. Some schools do allow students to use their cellphones as learning tools. I know our school allows us to use educational apps on iphones or ipods to study but never are we aloud to use them during test or quizzes or during homework because, that is aginst the honor code which we have at my school. Also, in order to use these apps on our phoens, or ipods we have to have a electronic permission slip and only if we have one can we use those apps which can only include a dictionary possibly or a flash cards app. I think cellphones should only be used for simple math problems when you are at a cash register checking out. I don't think they should be used in schools just because it distracts kids from learning.

  7. Hi, I'm also one of Mr. McCalla's students. Cell phones can be useful in learning because growing up with cellphones, children are very efficient and knowledgeable about cell phones. Some smart phones have educational applications that could be useful during school. However, I do not think cell phones should be used in a school environment. Many students already text during class when cell phone use is prohibited, so if cell phones are allowed, everyone will constantly be texting or playing games on their phones during class. Phones should not be used because they would be too much of a distraction.

  8. I am from Mr. McCalla's Algebra II class as well and I just randomly checked his page on our school website and saw that we could comment on this for extra credit. I am actually very glad that teachers do not allow phones to be used in school because I know that I would get SO distracted and not do any of my school work. On the other hand, like Dakota said, it is very handy to be able to use a calculator or the internet without having to whip a computer or real calculator out; but I think for math it would be best if phones were not a major tool.

  9. Hi! I'm also from Mr. McCalla's Algebra II class! I believe that old fashioned paper and pencil are the best tools for a smart student. I think that students should only use a calculator for work with absurdly large numbers. So, obviously, I object to using phones in school. I think that using a phone in math class is distracting. I would be tempted to check my email or text when I was supposed to be calculating an answer. Cell phones, although they have many educational uses give the teacher the wrong idea. If a teacher saw you with a phone, then I would think that they'd assume that you were texting. However, if phones were eventually allowed in my school, it would be against the Honor Code to be doing something like emailing or texting when you've said that you would only use your phone for educational purposes.

  10. hey I am from Mr. McCalla's Algebra II class and he told us we could comment on these blogs. I think that smart phones, such as iPhones and blackberrys could be used in school since they have calculators on them and the internet. If a student didn't have access to a computer, he or she could always use their phone. But I think the real reason that phones are not allowed to be used is because students could text on them during class. If the student was using it as a calculator the teacher may never know that the student was texting. That is the reason that they are not used in class.

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