PBL, PDK, and Time

Kathy Anderson, president-elect of Phi Delta Kappan International, posted this YouTube video about people’s senses of time and the effects of those differences. Very interesting.


After watching, I clicked on a suggested, related video from Dan Pink: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6XAPnuFjJc&feature=channel

Then, I posted this to PDK…
“I am spending considerable time researching project-based learning. Currently, I am reading Powerful Learning (Linda Darling-Hammond). According to much of the research (and a great deal of common sense), project-based learning (also problem-based and design-based) appear to provide the students with ENGAGING, ACTIVE learning for a PURPOSE…to have something to control that matters to the students and to the community. PBL also reproduces the conditions under which most of us work ‘in the real world.’ What superb training and education that might turn out to be. Thanks for sharing the video.”

To discover what motivates our students and ourselves would be a key to a great shift in education and learning!

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