Good Intentions…

With the noblest intentions, I started this blog in order to improve communications. As it turns out, I actually have to write to the blog to communicate in this manner! Looking back over the two months since my last posting, I am not sure that I could explain why I have not posted anything here on a more regular basis. When I began this blog, a trusted friend told me to start small and plan on posting once a month. I thought I could post at least once a week. Well, the friend was correct, and I have learned. Without falling into the cultural trap of declaring this a “New Year’s Resolution,” I will try to do better. I will try to write more regularly, and I will try to write things worth reading.

In terms of work, I am most involved at this time with planning for a PLC (Professional Learning Community) on 21st Century Thinking and Schooling. Beginning in January 2009, I will be co-facilitating this endeavor with Bob Ryshke, Executive Director of The Center for Teaching at The Westminster Schools. Using Daniel Pink’s A Whole New Mind as a jumping off point, we will first explore what the 21st Century will call for in terms of learning and skill development. If anyone is still reading this blog after my terrible accountability to posting, I would be interested to hear what you believe are the most critical learning tasks or skills for the 21st Century.

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